Count Your Blessings

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”                   – Charles Dickens

Hi friends, welcome back. I am continuing slowly (very, very slowly) but surely on my way to completing this list. I want to make something very clear, though.

While the name of this blog is Adventure @ Home, the real truth can be found in the smaller print: Finding beauty where you’re @. I want you to understand how important that statement is to me. Yes, a lot of the things on my bucket list are for the sake of adventure (geocaching, paint twister, restaurant hopping, hiking, etc.) Even more than that, I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It’s so easy to live life day to day and never do anything different.

I don’t want that.

I want to live a life full of emotion. I want to love deeply, have a joy that is contagious, and be a person that others like to be around. How can I do that, though, without bettering myself?

That brings me to my newest bucket list accomplishment.

6) Make a blessings jar.

My blessings jar (ignore the goofy flowers)

My blessings jar (ignore the goofy flowers)

In a blessings jar, you basically have to save every good thing that happens to you throughout the year. You keep everything you’ve written down and read it on the very last day of the year. I love this because it’s so easy to focus on the bad things, the situations that hurt us, and everything that’s going wrong. I find it so unbelievably important to take time to focus on the good. To see the beauty around us and to revel in it. Personally, I need to take more time to be thankful. I can’t wait to start filling this jar up.

So that’s my challenge for you. Even if you don’t go all the way and start a blessings jar, focus on the good things in life. Be thankful. When it seems like life is getting worse and worse, look around. Say a prayer. Love your friends. I promise you can find something good in the midst of the bad.

Thanks for sticking through this with me, I’m thankful for you.


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